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My name is Laura Charlton owner of H and S Massage.  I have been a nationally certified massage therapist for more than 20 years as well as a massage teacher and international trainer for over a decade.  

I am proud to announce that I am currently located in the Boykin Chiropractic Care building 350 West Kiowa Avenue (Highway 86) and I provide massage and more.  Massage at H and S includes customization of your service at no additional charge so that you can relax and enjoy scentsational therapeutic aromatherapy designed for your specific health care needs, you can select your very own favorite therapeutic music each and every time you receive a session and each time you arrive, we design a massage session to relieve areas that need help to relax and resolve.

Consider massage through the life cycle as I am a certified parent-baby educator in infant massage.  Over the past 30 years the art and science of infant massage benefits have been increasingly documented.  I have worked with hundreds of families who have been amazed at the improved relationship, better sleep patterns, reduced colic, advanced developmental milestones and relief and relaxation provide.  I trained in 1998 and trained as an international instructor trainer in Barcelona, Spain, in 2006.  There are 14 people in the nation who have this level of training so I am pleased to offer this service to our small community.

If your baby isn't a baby any more, I am also qualified to teach the Massage in Schools Program for families with children ages 4-12.  This program is taught to groups such as Girl Scouts and/or Boy Scouts as a health and wellness badge opportunity, schools, church groups, after school programs is and taught with parent permission, child permission and myself and their adult supervisor and parents present.  Families may also choose to learn to help reduce family stress and find an easy and inexpensive way to bring more health and wellness to your home.  The Massage in Schools Program helps students to relax which also helps them learn. Watch your children delight in learning the massage strokes named:  eye glasses, baker, climbing down a rope, bunny hops, hearts, butterfly and more.

For those of us who have left those ages behind I offer massage and more but did you know that you can request free guest speaking for your business, employees or service team located in Elizabeth?  Yes, I love to come and share my interest in massage and my motivation to help you and your colleagues learn more about reducing stress which is currently involved in at least 7 of the top 10 killers in the US according the the Centers for Disease Control.  Teachers, fire fighters, police, customer service professionals all gain from learning about the benefits of therapeutic massage and stress reduction.

Want to Pay it Forward?  Tired of giving flowers?  How about treating your favorite Elizabeth professional to a chair massage?  Your tax advisor during tax season, the principal who helped your child through an unfortunate event, postal worker after Christmas, they can all benefit from your kindness.  I will travel to any location within the Town of Elizabeth with my massage chair and provide a massage on your behalf and you can even have it be anonymous if you like.

Elizabeth Elite-would you love to roll off the table and in to your own bed to for the best sleep of your life?  I provide outcall massage on a limited basis for a minimum number of clients in one household.  Ask me for a free price quote on outcall massage in your home. **Elizabeth Elite is premium pricing, does not qualify for discounted rates and some homes are not compatible with this service due to space and location.

Elizabeth Events-make your annual office or Chirstmas party, family reunion or employee appreciation day something to remember with H and S Massage.  I provide free estimates upon request.



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