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Laura is a master at what she does!  She takes the time to get to know her clients personally and tailors her work to your personal needs.  As well, she always takes time to ask how you are doing, how the family is, how work is,etc. She truly cares about you as a whole person, not just a client.

I suffer from varicose veins.  I have been going bimonthly for Reflexology session with Laura.  These sessions have provided much relief from the pain I have been suffering.

I highly recommend Laura.  She is wonderful! (anonymous)

Laura, my massage therapist, was knowledgeable and very pleasant.  I would recommend her service to anyone.  Guida

Very friendly and so professional.  Meagan

Laura did an excellent job of explaining everything and making my first massage a very comfortable experience.  Kimbra

I'm so happy I found Laura!!  Christine

Always very kind, great service. Jean

Great massage!  Laura was very kind and caring and had great suggestions for the future.  Laura clearly enjoys her work and wants the best for her clients.  Erika

Laura has experience and knowledge. Nancy

Very friendly and thorough.  Laura catered to my specific needs and consistently checked in to ensure the pressure was correct.  Dennis


My son, Hunter, is 5 years old and was born with a metabolic disease causing severe seizures starting at the age of 4 months.  The seizures caused him to have multiple medical issues that have continued all his life.  We spent most of his first 2 years of life in and out of the hospital.  His medical issues range from: continued seizures, not speaking, not being able to walk, crawl, sit up unassisted, or even roll completely over.  He has very low muscle tone and is not able to “play” like typically developing children.  Hunter is at the developmental age of 2-6 months.  This may all sound sad, but he is one of the happiest little guys you will ever meet.  He has had  physical, occupational, and speech therapy since he was 9 months old.  At the age of 2 we added in massage therapy in the hopes of avoiding his muscles from developing contractures (where your muscles freeze in place).  He saw 2 different massage therapists  prior to seeing Laura.  With the prior massage therapists  we did not see any major changes.  We never expected to see anything really.  It was always just meant for relaxation and preventative measures. 

We started seeing Laura in the end of August.  At first my thoughts were just, oh great, another massage therapist.  Another person to come in Hunter’s world and who knows how long this one will last or if he will even like her.  From the very first session I knew we were in for something different.  Laura did not want to just jump in and put her hands on him.  She wanted to train me on how to do infant massage on him.  I again was skeptical.  I thought infant massage...he’s 5!  But I have also learned in the past 5 years that anything that won’t harm him is worth a try. 

Boy oh boy am I glad I was willing to give it a try.    Laura is an excellent teacher.  She is very passionate about infant massage.  She gave us the greatest gift ever.  Hunter and I have another way we can bond.  The infant massage is one on one time with us.  Although I would like to say that is the best part, it is not.  Since starting the infant massage we have all noticed huge improvements with his development.  His muscle tone has increased dramatically.  Some will say that it is all the other therapy that we do with him, but I am with him every day.  He has made more improvement on a faster basis since starting the infant massage.  Even his occupational and physical therapist have both noticed improvements beyond what they are working on.

 Hunter now reaches for toys and can bring them to his mouth.  He has more purposeful movement of his hands, arms and legs.  His overall strength is so much better.  He can sit for a short amount of time with assistance with balance only.   And believe it or not that is still not the best part.  Hunter has struggled with bowel blockages for years.  It has become routine that I had to give him suppositories 3-4 times a weeks.  Thanks to the infant massage on his stomach, he is able to manage his bowel movements much better.  Suppositories are used maybe once every 2 weeks.  This is awesome.  One less medication is always a great thing.  If this was the only benefit that we saw with the infant massage it would have been enough for us. 

Hunter also has hip dysplasia as well as scoliosis.  Laura is having me continue the infant massage with Hunter and she is moving on to working on his spine and hips.  Laura is not just massaging Hunter.  Her passion is to help him progress and have the best life possible for him.  I know she will not do anything to cause harm to him.  I trust her with my son and that says a lot. 

As the primary caregiver for Hunter, my life is very busy and to say the least stressful.  The worry, anxiety, nonstop running to this appointment or that one has left very little time for me.  I always thought I managed as well as a mom of a special needs kid could.  I do not have time to worry about me.  And sleep was a thing I no longer knew the meaning of.  On average, on a good night, I will get 4-5 hours of sleep.  That sleep is not consecutive.  It is normally 2 hours here and then an hour there.  I was always tired.  Never felt rested.  Coffee is my best friend.    I will not take sleeping aids because I have to be able to be alert at all times.  I have never been a believer in the “natural remedies”.  Aroma therapy, essential oils and herbs cannot help.  That WAS my way of thinking. 

Laura asked me once if I would be willing to try Bach Flower remedies.  She explained the whole thing to me.  This guy named Bach went around and found that the oils from this flower treats this and that flower does that.  She said that 2 drops of the different flower essence for each aliment in some water will help rebalance my natural balance.  She wanted me to give it a try, but that I would have to be disciplined and take my drops 4 times a day for them to work.  Very doubtful that it would work, but again willing to try anything that can’t cause harm…sure let’s try.  The first bottle she made me had drops in it for sleep, fear of the known, and fear of the unknown.  There were 7 different ones, but these are the 3 I remember the most.  SLEEP!!!  I found sleep for the first time in…I can’t remember when.  Every bottle she makes me has the “sleep” drops in it.  I still do not sleep for a long period of time, but I am able to fall asleep right away and wake up fast and alert when needed.  And in the morning I feel rested even on 4 hours of sleep. 

My feeling of stress has dropped.  My everyday stress has not changed but the way I can handle it feels easier.  We have done several combinations of the drops depending on what is happening in my world at that time.  Every time, within a day or two I can tell the difference.  The differences are not always noticeable right away.  I have had 3 that made me go “Whoa!  This stuff really works!”  1.  The sleep aspect is huge in my world.  If I do not take my drops I can tell.  And it is not like I say in the morning, I am not going to take my drops and let’s see what happens.  It’s more like, I haven’t slept good in days, why?  Then I realize I have not remembered to take my drops.   2. Since I have been taking the drops I have chosen to stop taking my antidepressants with no adverse effects.  3. This one was a fast and very noticeable change:  I was having a major issue with unjustified guilt.  It came on out of the blue and was very hard.  Laura immediate changed my drops and within 2 days, no guilt!  It was gone.  Never again will I be a doubter when it comes to natural remedies.  I would encourage anyone to try it.  There is no risk, no side effects, nothing to fear.  All you have to do is try them and stay with it. 

Laura has been a true blessing to my family in more ways than I can every say.  If you are looking for someone who truly cares about you as a whole and is so passionate about helping you, you have found her.   

Sincerely – Laura’s biggest fan,

Nikki and Hunter Zimmerman

Elizabeth, CO

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